When our Club was established in 1894, it was a community of people who were fascinated by the new possibility of flight with an aircraft that was heavier than air.

The Club was established in an exceptional place at an extraordinary time. The year 1894 was the epitome of what we now call the Belle Époque, a period during which every day reports arrived of new technological achievements, advances of our civilization, a time of peace during which central Europe was not yet shaken by nationalist tensions. Karlovy Vary was a cosmopolitan city where Germans and Czechs worked and lived together, a place where people from literally all over the world met every day.

Today our Club still brings together people who are fascinated by the possibility of flight.  Like before, our Club is open to people of all nationalities and we emphasise cooperation between Germans and Czechs, given the cultural closeness of our nations. The only thing that has changed since our beginning is that today we no longer have to discover the possibility of flight. Apart from flying itself, we can also support those who have just begun to obtain flying experience and need a helping hand.